Our Services

DogPawLU Doggie Daycare DogPawRU

Doggie Daycare – while you can’t spend time with your dog we can. We offer a day full of fun, rest, and play for your canine.  They will sleep when they get home.  If they are not dog friendly but people friendly we can find a perfect fit for him or her.  All dogs accepted except unaltered males over 1 ½ years old.

$30.00 per day – 7:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday ONLY
Wednesday is limited to when dog techs are available. Discounts DO NOT APPLY.

$75.00/ Weekly  (M to F) No Wednesdays

DogPawLU Overnight Stays DogPawRU

We have a few options for overnights stays:

Dog Suites

Luxury Suite (10 x 12 or Larger)

$40.00/night (for first dog)
Includes doggie daycare activities & full care

Regular Suite/Senior Center (10 x 10)

$35.00/night (for first dog)
Includes doggie daycare activities & full care

Tiny Town Suites (All dogs under 25lbs)

$25.00/night (for first dog)
All DOGS are under 25lbs in here


Rec Room Kennels

$25.00/night (Dogs over 25lbs or more)
Includes padlock play and overnight stay in kennel


ALL SECOND DOGS or more dogs

$20.00/night (for second or more OVER 40lbs)
$15.00/night (for second or more UNDER 40lbs)


Unsocial or Intact Males over a year

$10.00 additional per day

DogPawLU Socialization Training DogPawRU

Some dogs can are unable to be put in open group play due to being aggressive, shy or just too hyper to put in a pack. Alyssa Madon works slowly to get the dog socialized by various methods – depending on the dogs. All dogs should be socialized to help them with their own well being!


10% Discount (Boarding Only) for Military, Chamber Members, Rescue Dog,
Over 60 Years of Age, Wedding Day, Family Emergency