Suites/Rec Room

Canine Sleep & Play Options

Suites & Rec Room Kennels

We have suites and rec room kennel options for each specific interest of your dog such as the Ballroom Luxury Suite (with TV), Cafe Suite (with TV), Garden Room (no TV), and other Regular Rooms (no TVs) and Suites (with TVs).

Dogs only REST in these kennels. They are outside at least four hours a day if weather permits.

Outdoor Play

Canine Clubhouse offers GROUP DOG PLAY. Dog friendly dogs get to play with multiple dogs. They get all their exercise and learn from other dogs. This is beneficial for the dog and its behavior.

We do understand that not all dogs are dog social so these types of dogs get the same use of facility but without the group. Dogs in Group Play are highly supervised – removing issue dogs and having rest time to prevent any problems.

MOST dogs (big and small) love this environment. Majority of the time all dogs are OFF leash during outside play time. This allows the dogs to loosen their muscles instead of being completely confined in a small space. Dogs boarded here eat because they are exercised and it is a stress free environment.